More than 40 years creating innovative laboratories

Our experience designing spaces for science has taught us how important it is that the design should be focused on the activity to be carried out and able to adapt to the changing needs of the laboratories:

Design adaptability

The adaptability of the design to accommodate different functions.

A new approach to research may mean that the space needs to be remodelled; users will be able to redesign the spaces themselves.

Plug and Play Laboratories

The ability to change the layout to turn it into an altogether different lab.
Simple solutions that allow equipment to be rearranged or removed quickly and easily, creating ”Plug and Play” labs.

Ceiling column on benches next to GreenCycle fume cupboards

How to improve the design

Open space

Space designed on the basis of functional units

Common support areas

Design based on workflows (storage, washing, weighing...)

Supply of mobile and flexible media

Flexible workstations

Mobile, ergonomic and flexible furniture

Recirculating fume cupboards

With general purpose filtration technology

Welcome to the
Burdinola Flexible Labs philosophy

Even though we are known for designing and manufacturing the most flexible and modular standard products on the international market, and even though our designs allow for different configurations or even an additional screw, we felt that this was not enough if you needed to reconfigure a laboratory in a matter of minutes.

After listening to the very specific needs of some of our customers, we now offer these solutions that include specific tested and certified products to make the entire laboratory 100% mobile and flexible:

  • Mobile laboratory furniture (mobile benches that can be joined together or separated into individual units, hanging modules or modules on wheels, etc.).
  • Mobile recirculating fume cupboards
  • Mobile or overhead service systems
  • Technical ceilings that make it possible to configure the laboratory from the point of view of the medium (mechanical and electrical flows) in a totally flexible and safe way, promoting innovative research.

We have received glowing references from highly satisfied innovative customers in countries as diverse as Switzerland, the USA, France, Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain, etc. and from world leaders in their respective sectors, so we would be delighted to work with you to make your project a reality.